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Dune Development

Dune Development, a consultancy that specializes in business development between European and the Middle East. , Maghreb and South East Asia provides a full-range of advice and assistance, including commercial negotiations and follow-up services, intended in particular for SME’s but also the so-called mid-cap companies, i.e. companies with sales of between 50M and 1,000M euros.

The decision to set up Dune Development was based on three observations :

  • First, the recurring need of French companies for export support services, in particular as regards exports to countries in the Middle East,
  • Secondly, changes in the objectives of Middle Eastern countries, which now want partners In Europe, and not simply suppliers,
  • Finally, the striking lack of public resources available to companies to help them in their respective initiatives.

Dune Development is above all a story of men, with complementary backgrounds, but who all share a common passion for the Orient, its potential and its contrasts.

High-potential, but complex markets :

The Arab world and South East Asia, with their rich history and heritage, are rapidly changing markets, favorable not only for the development of major industrial projects, but also for the sale of capital goods and consumer goods.

These Regions are however far from being homogeneous, since there are significant differences not only between countries but also from one region to the next. To penetrate these high-potential, but complex markets, it is necessary to be able to interpret their diversities, place them in their specific context and analyze their detailed characteristics.

In a sensitive, constantly changing environment oriental societies have undergone profound changes in recent years, making business development increasingly delicate for foreign companies.

Numerous factors therefore can come into play and make your processes long and fastidious: a rich, common but sometimes painful history, language barriers, different cultural references and rules of etiquette, an unsettled landscape at the current time, etc. In this promising but subtle part of the world, Dune Development wants to become a confidential and key partner.

We will support you ensure the long-term viability of your relationships with your client and partners, monitor the use of your resources and control the return on your investments.

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