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Our business

Business Development Advice and Assistance

  • Geopolitical/geostrategic training in the Middle East and its different countries
  • Initial market presentations
  • Export diagnosis
  • Initial marketing missions
  • Advice and organisation of trade fair visits
  • Organisation of your participation in trade fairs
  • Export marketing missions


  • High-level targeted actions, for the purpose of developing your strategic influence.

Strategic Marketing Advice and Assistance

  • Products/Services – Markets Diagnosis
  • Market research
  • Competition analysis and monitoring

Commercial Agency

  • Company certification and registration
  • Local business law advice and assistance
  • Support in negotiations
  • Business representation
  • Business partner searches and the signature of commercial and distribution partnerships

Industrial Development and External Growth: a multi-domestic approach

  • Business development missions
  • Advice on setting up a business locally
  • Identifying and auditing potential partners
  • Locating industrial sites

Project Monitoring

  • Putting in place a responsibilities matrix and ensuring that it is respected
  • Monitoring compliance with the work calendar and key phases
  • Monitoring compliance with quality standards
  • Monitoring the correct allocation of time and resources with your partners, sub-contractors and clients
  • Managing on-site organisational problems with your teams
  • Managing external risks lined to changes in objectives and/or priorities at your partners or clients.
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